On 21st March was held national CASYS conference “Ecological Restaurant Business: Choice or Necessity” . The main aim was to disseminate information about the project: goals, activities and intelectual outputs and to discuss about the eco-friendly restaurant business.

The conference was divided in two parts: first part was dedicated for Lithuanian CASYS Project group and second part was for external speakers.

Rasa Zygmantaitė, Project manager, made a general presentation of the project and Marijampole College role in it. Researchers of the Project Antanina Laukaitienė and Romalda Kasiliauskienė presented Pilot learning course, Good Practices Compendium, Validation and Lifelong Learning guidance model and Etnographic Culinary Study.

External speakers made presentations about the healthy food processing, commercial food waste collection and disposal. After these presentations participants had a non-formal dicussion about eco-friendly restaurant business.


Kristina Čeponienė.






Photos: Laura Pakutkaitė

National CASYS conference at Marijampole College – Lithuania

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