On the 22th of March 2017, YouNet organized the informative dissemination event in the framework of the project CASYS attended by students, NEETs, young people, unemployed all over the European countries and Emilia Romagna Region. The event was held in cooperation with the Municipality of Bologna attended by nearly 50 participants.


The info day had also presented in details the project CASYS and the activities which it has implemented in its 2 years long period. The longest part of the infoday was the time dedicated to the presentation of intellectual outputs which CASYS has produced – the Pilot adult education course “Culinary Arts and Culinary Business Management” with schemes for utilizing the course and recognition of its results by CASYS partners and the Good practices compendium and Blog “Culinary Innovations for Health Lifestyles and Improvement of Public Health”.
Lastly, there was a question and answer session in which all attendants had the chance to receive further clarifications regarding all matters which were intriguing them.

The event has been valued as very good and very useful by most of the present participants. Generally, the multiplier event brought very positive outcomes since information about the project and the intellectual outputs which it has produced would be largely spread in Italian and especially in Emilia Romagna.


During the conference there were the testimonials of Federica Frattini of Podere San Giuliano and Massimiliano Girvasi of Circolo Mazzini.

Podere San Giuliano is a local reality that perfectly integrates the idea of social business with culinary art and hospitality. In particular, Federica the founder, explained how the promotion of local agriculture has a positive impact both from the environmental, social and spiritual point of view for the final consumer.


Massimiliano Girvasi with Circolo Mazzini and other his company “Wobinda Produzioni” work with children, youths, adults to teach them the importance of believe in what is being done and do it well. All the food they cook and serve comes from the neighboring areas and all of high quality.


The impact on the participants has been measured sometime after the event since people that participated contacted YouNet in order to get opportunities for going abroad and to start the new informal courses regarding the Culinary Arts.

National Conference Casys in Italy

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