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  • Culinary Arts Institute (CAI)

The Culinary Arts Institute affiliated with the Varna University of Management promotes the classics, respect the modern and lead the revolution in the culinary world“ as it goes a step beyond “standard culinary arts“ studies, one closer to arts, incorporating experimental cooking in a wide range of arts.

CAI adheres to the philosophy of sustainable cooking and teaches its students to cook fresh, to understand where food comes from, to get to know the producers, the processes for producing various food products and healthy cooking. It is the host and organizer of the first national sustainable cooking culinary competition in Bulgaria.



  • Gastro Alliance

Gastro Alliance in an international platform that brings together regional innovative partnerships, regional platforms or cluster, forums, development poles, clubs … for gastronomic tourism.

Gastro Alliance is created and is energized by experts in gastronomy to promote relations and exchange experiences of international gastronomy, cooking schools, etc.

Its promoters are Gastro Alianza, Azafrán Cooking School and Association Indico (



  • Varna Farmer’s Markets

The Farmer’s Market unites local, small producers of clean, as authentic Bulgarian food as possible. Our goal is to support local production, as manufacturers can develop, improve their material base, quality, service, and we will all win.

Support the local and the real, visit the Farmer’s Market in Varna


  • Riviera Daycare Center – Varna

Riviera Daycare Center is providing inclusive, adoptive and stimulating development environment for people with intellectual disabilities and their families. Its main objectives are to develop the life potential of the people with intellectual disabilities, to build their labor and social skills, to provide for de-institutionalisation and encouragement of their care in a family environment leading to full-right social integration. Many of the therapies offered by Riviera Daycare Center rest in culinary arts and cooking.


Rvira Daycare center offers bread-baking therapy as a social and service activity for skills development and empowerment of people with disabilities. In that, the local community and many volunteers cherish its efforts and join them in their activities for group bread kneading.


*You Have a Choice: Tomato against Cucumber

A wonderful initiative devoted to culinary arts experimentation and co-working, organized by the Riviera Day Center, with the special participation of the international team of instructors and students of Varna University of Management and the pupils from Private School „Dreamers“:


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