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FASE is a training and consulting private association officially acknowledged by the public institutions in Spain like the regional government and office of employment in the Aragon Province as an established  training provider. Its key activities include maintaining and management of a vocational and continuous training centre, developing of multimedia didactic materials, specialized in languages, cooking, tourism and running an e-learning training centre. A key expertise of the association is the elaboration and management of learning platforms (www.aulaoptima.org) so as to promote of a knowledge society around specific topics and in different sectors. A knowledge society generates, processes, shares and makes available to all members of the society knowledge that may be used to improve the human condition based on the vast increase in data creation and information dissemination that results from the innovation of information technologies. In that FASE offers a big variety of on-line courses in different professional areas. Their virtual classroom displays an innovative method of interactive learning where most of the courses are guided by a tutor in real time. In 2011 a FASE’s e-learning system got the National Apel 2011 Award of e-learning in Spain.

In www.optima.info FASE offers a variety of more than a hundred on-line courses in different professional areas, from management and administration, ICT, Hotel and Hospitality Management and many other professional areas. In our on-line platform, virtual classroom displays as an innovative method of learning where most of the courses are guided by a tutor.

Since 2010 FASE has been running AZAFRAN, an International School of Tapas and Smallcooking, a modern cooking school, designed in accordance with the requirements established by the Ministry of Labour.

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