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Marijampole College (MK)/Marijampole University of Applied Sciences is the only tertiary educational institution in the South of Lithuania. Established on August 24, 2001 after merging Marijampole Pedagogical High School, and Marijampole Agricultural High School, both having almost 100 years of operation in the sphere of education, arts, technologies and agriculture. The result is an educational institution open to advanced technologies and higher education achievements, carrying out applied research activities, linking its activities to the needs of the labour market, and study evolution and development in social sciences, humanities, arts, technology, and biomedical areas. Our diploma is level 6 (Bachelor and professional bachelor) and we cooperate with other universities for level 7. We operate as a higher education service centre for studying, business, society, with particular responsibility for our country and unlimited openness to the world. Our mission is to champion and enrich technical and vocational education through transnational co-operation in European networks of institutions and practitioners. Marijampole College aims to: – promote quality and innovation in studies, research and Technical and Vocational Education throughout Europe; – develop collaboration, mutual co-operation and sharing of good practice.

MK is a member of many international networks and since 08/11/2013 it operates by Certificate ISO 9001:2008. For their career the students get support from the Career Guidance Centre, however, the issues to be addressed in the proposal are especially relevant to the students and staff of our university as well as the segment of adults (unemployed among others). Accordingly MK focuses on developing multiple intelligences of our trainees, capable to create their own career and be responsible for it. Empirical and theoretical researches prove comparatively low level of entrepreneurship among the young people of Lithuania, in many cases they rather choose to be employed. It is necessary to keep the process of information about entrepreneurial spirit going on for a long period in order to achieve the necessary results and to constantly raise the motivation of students take responsibility for their future.

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